The Red Brotherhood - My Golden Demon Entries

by Bene aka Benji

Hey guys,

finally I managed to make some pictures of my entries for this years german Golden Demon contest.
I´m still not sure if I´m satisfied with the pictures but I think it is time to show them to you.

The first and also my main entry was for Warhammer 40k unit:

(If you click on the pictures, you will see the bigger version)

If you want to vote, you are invited to do so ;) :

My second entry was for Lord of the Rings but ist was just for fun, because the paintjob on Saruman is actually a bit older and I just took the mini, because I wanted to enter something in this category, but I hadn´t any hope to win something with it, so I was very surprised to get a finalist pin for it.

Ok, so much for now, I hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures.

Best wishes,


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