MV Studio Quest - the entries!!!

by Roman aka jar

It's about time ...

You know your jungle is the place where you find the most unique content of miniature painters interest. This time there is no difference as we called out for a very unique quest:
the Massive Voodoo Studio Quest!

And believe me when I say the results we recieved are so great! Thanks to everybody who participated and did a journey through our studio with us. We are very proud to present to you the results of the brave ones who took a pencil to their hand ... the following just shows the entries with numbers, there is no winner announced yet ... but soon!

Entry 1 by Chris

Entry 2 by Daniel

Entry 3 by Josua

Entry 4 by Pino

Entry 5 by Luka

Entry 6 by Paquito

Well, wow!
I hope I did not forget anyone ... sooooo cool what you did! Thanks to everybody who impressed us with their skills of drawing and their spatial sense which will definatly help you too for your next figure project! Wow! Most of the entries placed all the stuff in the right corner. some more detailed than others but anyone of them is great! A big respect to the participants, feels like you have been at our studio while looking at your results ...

We will announce the winner soon in your palace of Happy Painting!
Keep on happy drawin' ... uhm, painting!

Your MV-Team


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