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Hey everyone!

It is time for another finished miniature, in this case a (for me) special one because it is an exchange mini for Roman who did his mini for me already some while ago, if you don´t remember, it was this one:

I was really motivated at this time to do my exchange miniature for him, but I wanted to do something with a personal meaning and not only a miniature, as he did the same (because I like the computer game Battlefield pretty much). And then I had for a long time no idea for a miniature which would satisfy my vision for the exchange miniature. So time went by and at the Duke of Bavaria I finally found what I was looking for: The Batman from Knightmodels (because Roman likes Batman really much). Of course I knew this figure before but it never came in my mind to use it for the exchange. But on the Duke of Bavaria it made click and I had my miniature for him. After that I started the painting pretty fast, but then the classic thing happened to me, it was pretty close to finish but then I stopped painting it for some unknown reason, which made the project stand around in my cabinet for some more months until I finally finished it about a week ago, when Roman was on vacation, because I wanted to surprise him. Which luckily worked pretty good. Ok, so that´s the story part behind this figure but I think you all want to see pictures, so here they are:

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