Kong's WIP-thoughts - September #01

by Roman aka jar

Aloa voodoo people, 

I don't believe it. I am holding a brush again after being away from the Studio for a longer while.
In fact it was not easy getting back on track. During my big project with those Tyranids the brush felt like being accrued to my hand and brain. I had not to think how to move it, had not to think what I painted, I just did and it worked.

Right now it feels different, more like "how the hell do I have to hold a brush, more to the tip or more to its back? And why isn't the colour doing what I want it to do?" - great not, but normal after a little absence :D

So beside cleaning up my long time dirt in the studio I started another figure.
It is from Pegaso and shows a Celtic Warrior in 90mm Scale. I don't want to do something special here, just want to get back in painting and so I started with just working my basic colours to the different materials on top of a black and white priming situation with acrylics.

I did not use the airbrush here even the figure would be a good practice ground for it. Not much has happened here but if you look close enough you can see how repeating the basic tone to an area already creates different strong areas of the colour itself (good example is the face here). One layer on top of the other always makes the over intensity of the tone stronger.

So far so good. Not much happened here further. Still have to get back to find out how to handle a brush :) - I am thinking about using some Oil colours again after it feels like ages have passed since I used them.

We are already packing our stuff as Raffa and I are heading out for two of our BÄM² painting class weekends in Hamburg. We will stay there until the end of September.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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