MV Studio Quest - The Winner!

by Roman aka jar

Hey folks, 

after checking your fabolous entries on little mistakes and for their creative energy we come to a result and choosed a winner of the MASSIVE VOODOO STUDIO QUEST.

Again, a big thank you to everybody who took part and showed their creative powers with a pencil. In fact mostly everybody catched our studio in a perfect way. Here and there were minor errors but that is pretty normal. You all have done a great job! We would love to give everyone a surprise box, but there is only one.

Clappadiclapp!! Clapp! Claappaaddiiclappiclapp!! 

The winner of the MV Studio Quest Surprise box is ...


@Pino: Please sent me your adress and I make that parcel ready to hit the road soon! 

We are already preparing a new jungle suprise box and are making plans for a new quest for ya all!
Stay tuned!

Best Wishes
Your MV-Crew


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