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Aloa boombaye!

Some mad and great days are lying in the past.
Two Painting Classes in my hometown, really nice weekends with kind participants and a great athmosphere have passed. The last one made me sleeping deep in the jungle until today. I was truly off yesterday. Today there was a relaxing day in the studio with Raffa and for me it was final clean up work from the class to be done.I even managed to have some painting moments. Now when I look forward, there is a lot of work to be done:

- final Update on the BANANALICIOUS Special Prize Winners
- shipping all that stuff of the contest out to everybody
- writing the review of the second class
- do some blogging of articles and stuff that was made ready during the last weeks

This will be what I'll do the next days: Getting back to work in the "office" again to get my mind free from the emails I have to write, make some long missed socialising with friends again, search some easter eggs, eat them, rest, spent some time with my lady and my cats and have my sister visiting us during the next days. Some pretty relaxed days ahead. The next big event for me is my trip to the Crystal Brush in the middle of April. So I can take the next few weeks to spent some more time in the studio, until ... we are expecting the delivery of two tons of books soon :)

Today I found whilst painting I found a solution for something that really stressed me out during painting: the new GW colour pots that won't stay open - my solution:

Really they make me mad as I am a painter that loves to get some colour from his pots during the progress. Now I am fine with that idea. Cool use of my wet palette too :D

Cleaning up the workbench after the class madness was pretty important today and rewarding:

Now I am off and what shall be done, shall be done ... soon, maybe!
Keep on happy painting!

Music for tired ears!

Best Wishes


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