Private Practice - Carl's Aftermath

by Roman aka jar

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Hello jungle visitor,

I lately told you the story about Carl from Nottingham, UK.
He was with us some days ago for private practice and man, what a great time we had.
Carl did tell the jungle his thoughts before his trip - you can find them here!

Now Carl did tell us his thoughts after the private practice, many thanks for such nice words, Carl - enjoy - quoting him from now on:

"I've been home a few days after going to Germany for my session with Roman and Raffa and had a chance to think about my experiences and the things I have learnt, and it took me a few days to come down off the painting high I had!

The first thing I have to mention is how cool both Roman and Raffa were and how much fun I had with them. When I arrived to the Jungle Cave I got out of the shuttle only to hear my name being called, I look up and saw Roman's smiling face. Upon meeting them face to face I could tell they were as nervous as me, but it took about two minutes before we were laughing and joking. At that point, I knew this journey was going to be awesome. Both Roman and Raffa would apologise for their 'bad English  but it was better than many people I know back in the UK!

The first night consisted of finding out what I wanted to get from my time there, getting to know each other, choosing the model i would paint, a lot of theory and going out for the largest pizza i have ever seen!
 Preparation - yet the first step!

I have never painted a bust before and I had a choice of either the Orc or Ghoul busts from JMD miniatures for the painting on the Tuesday. I chose the Orc for the range of textures I would have to paint.  I was already out of my comfort zone, which was good! After that it was time for some theory.

Roman went through the colour wheel, colour selection, contrasting colours, setting the scene, colour saturation, light and dark, warm and cold colours and more. I thought I knew a little about these subjects, but what I was shown changed how I look at the world outside forever.  Even as I type this I'm looking how light reflects off one of my table lamps, and noticing where the shadows fall, where the colour loses its saturation and more! At the end of this I looked at the models I had brought with me to show Roman and Raffa and started to noticed where I had gone wrong. As I tried to sleep that night I had all of this new information buzzing round my head.

Carl cool figures that he brought all the way!

Tuesday was the big painting day and before bed I had made sure I had prepared my model ready, all that was needed was to attach it to a socket and prime it. During the course of that day I would be shown many painting techniques that I would have to apply to the model I was painting. I was given help with any area I felt I needed and given plenty of tips to help me with my model from special effects to palette management. In fact they couldn't have been more helpful if they tried. Throughout the day I could feel my confidence growing as the model took shape and I was given feedback on the parts I was painting. During the day I also got the chance to meet Bene, who was chilled and as easy to get on with as Roman and Raffa.

The first steps ...
The result ...
A base showing some of the theory  that was explained ...
Cabinet view, with lightning by the camera

On Wednesday it was time to fly home and Raffa and Roman took me to the train station and ensured I knew where I was going, and asked me to let them know when I was at the airport. But, before leaving, it was time to say goodbye.

I'd had an amazing time painting with them, hanging in the jungle, getting to know them, seeing their painted models in the flesh and having a good laugh and I am so grateful that it is hard to put into words.  I've met a few good painters, none anywhere as good as these two and none as cool either. Upon my leaving the guys had prepared me a box of basing goodies, some notes based on the time I had spent there and a new wet palette. Raffa had also gifted me the ghoul bust he had painted to show me techniques (complete with nice message that I didn't notice!) and Roman had gifted me the zombie that he used to show me his famous wet in wet technique.  Wow, such kindness (including all of the food and helping me with a place to stay!) from people who up until a few days before I Had never met.  It was really touching and really shows what these guys are like; decent and honest.

I've been at home a few days and in that time, I have completely tidied my painting area, ordered some equipment to make it easier to keep things organised and bought my first bust to practice what I have learnt. Raffa and Roman both told that the only way painters can improve, is with practice, and experimenting, and by organising the place I paint, it will make it a hell of a lot easier to just go in there and do just that (like a miniature jungle cave!), and this is exactly what I intend to do.  Before travelling to Germany I had become a little depressed about my painting, but now I was on a painting high (and still am) and I fully intend to ride that wave and enjoy the new skills I have been shown and the happy painting vibe that both Roman and Raffa have now instilled in me.

Auf Wiedersehen fellas!"

Definatly, we have to see again ... thanks for your visit, Carl. 
It was our honour and pleasure. We are happy to hear that you liked it, but we already saw it during your improvment on the bust and the result speaks more than words! Well done, lad!
Keep your room tidy!
Best Wishes
Roman & Raffa

PS: Are you interested in private practice with us? A private class with Raffa and Roman teaching and helping you whereever they can? If so contact us via mail.


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