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Heyho bananalicious people! 

It is about time to announce the winners of the lottery (random prize pool)!!!
Yeahaw, finally!! Congratulations to the following participants - has decided:

If you find your name on the list, please make sure to write an email with your post adress to 
titled "random prize pool, *your name*"

Shipping and handling still will take a while and we have to finish the judging work. So there might be something more in your parcel, maybe.

About the diorama issue I had with "single figures" entered here, I decided to let six participants not take part in the lottery. I am sorry if this caused any trouble or anger, but I think it is just fair. If you are one of these six and want a chat about that, please contact me.

So far, next on the bananalicious schedule is the results of the judging - expect it in some days!

Many thanks for all the help of our sponsors:

GAU 54 mm Minis
Tuffskull Painting
Masquerade Mini 
North Star Models

Special thanks for support to:



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