by -Matt Cexwish-

Dear Participants, Dear Organizers, Dear Hobbyists,

We proudly present the next Edition of our  Miniature Painting Extravaganza: The 4th Edition of the Russian Alternative Battle! Yippieh!

The Theme this time was “Undead”! Sooo... Sinister, creepy, crawly,  nightmarish Abominations, cold, dripping, ghoulish Dungeons and pointy, bloodthirsty Teeth all over the place... Leave the sun screen at home, guys, you are not going to need it.

Let´s bid the Winter “Good Bye!” by embracing this Cold and Dark Topic before the Snow melts and make way for a new Season, Spring!  We are all very excited to announce the SECOND Real Action Painting competition this year: The Spring Angel 2013, which will be held on Sunday  the 16th of June in Moscow, Russian Federation! Read all about the Rules and Details on our Website and make sure to register today!

We cordially invite everyone that took part in the RAB 4 to come and meet a lot of wonder- and colourful Artists personally, spend a lot of great hours with some of the Best Painters on this planet and to learn their Tricks at one of the many Painting Demonstrations... All for free! All we ask you to do is to paint something according to your highest abilities in order to have a chance to win one of the convented Spring Angel Statuettes and the many High staked Prizes! We are extremely happy to be part of this amazing Journey and are looking forward meeting all of you in Moscow this Spring!

Some of you may have noticed that some Pictures have arrived after the Deadline for existing Entries and that there was one Entry that has appeared on the Public Gallery a couple of days afterwards . We think it´s important to mention that we have not accepted any Miniatures after our initial Deadline in order to keep it fair and transparent for everyone who has managed to hand their Project in on time (as it should be, actually). In these particular cases the Entries were registered and handed in on time, but there were a couple of problems with the Photos. We have decided to ask for better or more specific additional angles to be able to judge the quality of a Paintjob properly.

The Russian Alternative will always try to treat every contestant equally, no matter how prestigeous or well - known the Artist might be.  Again, we strongly encourage you to plan your entry carefully, leaving at least 3 Days after completion to take proper Photos and have one or two days for possible technical uploading problems.  Remeber: It´s always better to finish one day too early then a couple of hours too late...

Many thanks to the Organizers, that are again taking part in creating an Important Competition, Plattform and Showcase for Miniature Artists in Russia and the Miniature World.

Congratulations to all the Winners ! Here Are The Results! Dawaj, Dawaj, Dawaj!


Ben Komets & Matt Cexwish


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