Goblin Aid - Help Kev Adams

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa brushfriends,

I recieved an email I really want to put on the blog.
I know I am late for it, but the last weeks have been quite busy.
While reading the following lines I really felt very sorry for what happened to Kev Adams.
Somehow I am quite stunned and don't find much words, so here you go with a quote of the mail I recieved:

"Hello Roman, 

You don't know me, I am a humble painter and hobbyist based in the UK, a big fan of your blog! 

I wish I was writing to you about something else, but I wanted to draw your attention to a sad incident - Kev Adams, goblin sculptor of renown, has been assaulted in is own home by burglars. A group of hobbyists are getting together in the UK to help him out by raising cash through ebay auctions. Please take a look at my blog for more details. Then I would very much appreciate it if you could help by putting a post on your own blog, you have a massive world following and I am hoping that some of your readers would like to help. With your help the news will travel faster. 

Thanks for reading, 


I would recommand checking the Goblinaid facebook page to see how this is growing! 


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