BANANALICIOUS Diorama Winners!

by Roman aka jar

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Hello bananalicious people,

we are done with the though judging work of our first BANANALICIOUS PAINTING CONTEST.

172 entries had to be looked at, compared to eachother and  the photos the participants sent to us studied in detail. Believe us when we say this was no easy task, but we had to made our decisions and so we did ... thanks to all your patience!

Your jungle will bring you the winners during the upcoming days
- today follows the Diorama Category.  32 entries dropped in in this category and many so cool and crazy. Totally amazing and bananalicious! We had a though time judging this category as we allowed vehicles, dioramas, duells and units in this category. A massive mix of entries!

The Winners of the BANANALICIOUS DIORAMA Category are:


William Tsang

Thorsten Wachtmeister

Congratulation to the winners!!!! To the winners: Please make sure to write me your postal adress via email (to: jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com) if you did not win something in the lottery. If you won something I already got your adress.

And make ready for some more news tomorrow with - Sculpting ahead!
Bananalicious wishes to you!
Your MV-Team

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