Kong's WIP thoughts - March #03

by Roman aka jar

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It is about time again.
Some thoughts about my work on the table.
Enjoy, comment and share your thoughts if you like.

During the two painting classes close to the studio I really missed the studio itself. While I was teaching the classes, Raffa and sometimes even more friends were at the studio to paint. I somehow missed that. Knowing that your friends are having a good time while you got to work in the next room was kind of anoying, even I had a lot of fun with my students and we had a joyful time during the classes. I missed my table ...

On the photo above you still can see the BANANALICIOUS parcels I am going to sent out soon. Really looking forward to do so as this will clean out my mind and I can focus again. After the classes I took my time to clean and set up my workbench pretty well. It was definatly rewarding - ready, set, go!!

For a long time I did not paint a demonette during my own class. I was used to start bigger projects and most of them ended up unfinished in the last year. This made me kind of sad, so I decided to do a demonette too on the upcoming classes to avoid sadness. So I did two demon ladies during the last classes, but unfortanetly they were not planned for the workshop base. Both will be part of a bigger Slaanesh diorama with the big Forgeworld Slaanesh demon. Due this reason I was kind of stuck to the colour scheme for both of them. As you can see on the photo, the one on the left recieved some more work on the final lights compared to the one on the right. Both have been painted at the classes for explanation and demonstration ... both are not finished yet.

I found some time to work on the comissioned Space Marine. I will finish him during the next couple of sessions in the studio as I plan to enter him in another online competition. I really enjoy how he comes along, but I know there is still much to do.

In the back of the photo above you may find a base I did during the first painting class. I was searching for a figure I could put upon as a quick project, first planned the chaos cultist but thought he might look better on a normal gaming base. I did find a High Elf for the other base in the end.

Following you can see the second base I built up during the second class. Still not finished yet and also missing a fun figure on top:

During all this basing and figure search I took a moment to change figures on my bases. Somehow this explains to me that a base is not always perfect for a figure - you have to find the right base for the right figure. Check out these "tests" :D

Lately I have learned that most of the foreign english speakers don't use the describtion "common earth" for dirt they put on a base. It is easier to say "soil" and I am happy to finally know that. It feels I said the wrong describtion for ages now :D - here you go with a bonsai Raffa thought dead. So he brought it to the studio and during the painting classes we picked out our soil from it. Yesterday while taking out soil I realized that he is coming back to life again ... amazing!

So far so good ... my table will be worked more in the upcoming days. Really looking forward to that.
I hope you enjoyed this little travel around my WIPs ...

 I wish some happy painting to you all out there!



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