Good times ahead!

by Raffa

Posted by Raffaele "Picster" Picca

Ahhh, great times lie ahead, a cool weekend is about to start tommorrow.

A lot of friends will visit us and a painting class by Roman in our hometown Augsburg will start tommorrow. I'm really looking forward to the weekend in the studio! A lot of talking, painting, sculpting and joy!

Today we were in the studio to prepare some stuff for the weekend and to paint a little. I almost finished the promotional paint job of my new bust "Tribe Chief Morrow"... here's a little preview shot with my mobile phone:

Hope you like it so far :)

Another thing I'm really looking forward tommorow is the finishing of the print files our artbook. I will send the files to the press and so at least this big, big weight is lifting from my shoulders for some days and I can concentrate on some other projects.

I'm starting the sculpting work on my project for the Crystal Brush. Not much time left but as I will fly there this year together with Roman, Ben and Matt, I just have to do a project! Hope to see you there!

Best wishes,

PS: A wicked tune I love to listen at the moment


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