40k Nurgle Herald

by Roman aka jar

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For relaxation I did choose to make a little mad conversion of Nurgle again - a herald of Nurgle for Warhammer 40.000.

Concept was directly for the gaming table, that means I decided to invest not the biggest amount of time to the conversion, the base and the painting. All in all this figure took me about 6 hours of work for everything. I used a lot of parts and honestly I can't remember them :D

A true herald of god nurgle.
A warrior of decay.
A champion of odor.

+Herald of Nurgle+
Games Workshop, 28mm
(heavily converted) 

A lot of fun to do - I really enjoyed to do this one for the goal of being a nice gaming hero. Nothing more, nothing fency. And I think 6 hours of work are quite fine for the result. Sometimes it is really hard to stop painting when you see so many things you can do better and better, but I got to save those energies for some of my bigger projects.

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Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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