FIN: Brondi, Wallace and William

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,
a dwarf on a warsheep. Well, yeah.
A great sculpt by Lucas Pina for Spira Mirabilis that I really enjoyed painting

I name the Dwarf 'Brondi',

in dwarfish it means ' the gullible one',

the sheep's name is 'Wallace' and the bird's name is 'William'.

Wallace is quite relaxed and only gets a little excited when he charges into battle.
William is quite pissed all the time, he is supposed to be a big bird of prey, a buzzard, but something went wrong and he did not grow out of his short stature. Brondi himself is a stubborn dwarf who is really good in looking grim, but in the end he does not care about this all too much ...

'Brondi, Wallace and William'Spira Mirabilis, 1/12

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In private collection.

Keep on happy painting!


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