Mu 106 - Kensho Miniatures, Skylar

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,
another review dropping into the jungle ... you can find more via this link.
This time about a one piece bust that is freaking cool by the brand Kensho Miniatures.

The bust is high end SciFi themed and the crazy thing is, it comes in one piece. The packing and design is cool, nothing too fency. This is what comes out of a box:

The sculpt itself is cool and if you are a SciFi fan a really cool thing to paint and put your vision too.

The quality of the sculpt and cast is ace. Nothing really to prepare, just put her to a plinth and go with paint ...

Marc Masclans painted this bust up in absolute perfection and really gave her a character that is unique, have a look:

Not sure if I will paint her myself as Marc's version is so beautiful and almost hits my vision for her. I am really looking forward to see more visions of her painted.

Keep on happy painting!

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