Mu 107 - Mr Lee's Minis - Busts

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

today we will have a closer look on two busts from the new series of "KNOX" by Mr. Lee's Minis.
A series of SciFi cyberpunked characters that defenately have their own style. If you want to read more reviews like this, check back with the Miniature Unpacked overview on Massive Voodoo.

The series "Knox" consists of 5 different characters. I got two on my table for this review.

The models are delivered in plastic boxes that keep the models safe and also show the artwork to the characters.

Let's have a look on 'Fox Jupiter' and 'Arbiter' ...

The quality of the cast is really good. Minor work has to be done, but it is really not much time needed to prepare the resin model. The model arrives in six parts. It comes like this, nothing has been prepared or cleaned ...

The fitting quality is superb.

The level of detail is nice in most of the parts, love the main body and details on his clothing at the arms. The face with hair and partly face mask is truely beautiful and shows a cool character. The gun itself is simple in the sculpt and detail, but a gun should work and does not need flowery emblems in a cyberpunk world, right?

Fox Jupiter
This lady comes with a grim look and in five parts. Again high quality resin cast with not much to work on. A little bit more as some parts are still tied to the resin remains from casting. Take care here when cutting them. Article about blades?

The level of detail is really nice and also the sculpture feels very natural. Very often in the miniature world sculpts of woman feel a little bit awkward with too big boobs and all that sex sells stuff. This ain't the case here. A very natural look to her. Love it!

The little detail of her nose piercing is quite cool. She really had a bad day from her looks ...

On the back of the head there is little remain of casting, but this can be removed easily.

The fitting quality is really good on this one too. The build in snaps fit perfectly. See the snap in this picture?

The gun design on this one is pretty cool and unique, but stays simple. A little cleaning is needed here too.

Well, I really do like this series and I plan to use these models for upcoming explanations in private coaching sessions. Really looking forward.

Keep on happy painting!

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