Mu 105 - Mini War Paint Hobby Equipment

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,
and welcome to another review on MV's Miniatures Unpacked,
short, Mu. This time it is #105 of our so far reviews done.
You can see a full list over here:

This time we are taking a closer look on the company called "Mini War Paint" from Russia.

You can find the lot of:

  • full figures in different scales
  • Busts
  • basing materials
  • brushes
  • tools
in their sortiment. I would like to start to look closer on the models I have here on my table. I am really a big fan of non-war-themed sculpts and these two really caught my attention:

An Afghan boy with dog and sheep
and a young monk, sitting on the back of a buffalo

Concept wise,
both are really, really beautiful and the boxarts do the sculpts beautiful justice without being intimitading over the top. So let's check for the content and sculpt quality:

Afghan boy, comes with 6 parts: A base, two parts of the dog, full boy body with sheep and two different heads for the boy ...

The casting quality is really nice and without much to do (minor clean ups) you can start right away with assembling. I am absolutely in love with the sheep:

The two different head options is also a nice touch to make your boy look a little bit sad or smiling ...

The little monk comes in more parts, but the quality is really nice and quickly ready for painting!

... but Mini War Paint also offers a vide variety of brass etched basing material, a lot of plants. These are just too cool to not work with. You can get them in different scales to make them fit properly to your project. The bamboo is almost perfect for the little monk:

I am always open for improving my painting equipment and I am happy to review Mini War Paints brushes for you. I heard a lot of good things from russian Miniature Painters so far about them and decided to give them a go ...

The packing is really cool ...
Of course, brushes can not only be reviewed with looking at them or using them for one painting session. The first impression is really nice, but I decided to paint with them for a longer while and write a seperare review for them when the time is right and I got to know their behaviour better ...

Until then, I hope you enjoyed the review and you will read me again on the brushes ...

Stay tuned and have a look at

Keep on happy painting,
Yours, Roman 

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