BANANALICIOUS Prize Pool Update!

by Massive Voodoo

Howdy Jungle Painters,

time once again to keep you motivated, eh?
Our running contest wants your entries and is still running until the middle of April,
the contest ends ends April 22th 2015. 

Here is an overview of the entries so far:

Fantasy Standard: 2
Fantasy Master: 6
Historical Standard: 1 
Historical Master: 0 
Diorama: 3 
Sculpting: 2 
Army Painting: 1 
Special: Base: 1

So far we have so many Prizes via our Random Prize Pool that will be handed out via lottery to every participant that we definatly need YOU to take part in at least one category! Get it on, c'mon? We know you are painting something, drop it in! Don't be lazy or shy!

Today's update brings you "Best of Sculpting". 

Best of: Sculpting
Thanks to and Massive Voodoo the best sculpt in the sculpting category will recieve five boxes of BeeSPutty Plastic, two funny cool miniatures and the Sculpting Reference book called "Masters of Anatomy".

Ain't that cool, eh? You want some sculpting candy?
Drop in your sculpts!




... to be continued!


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