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by Roman aka jar

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Once in a while something is finished again.
My version of this cool model by Cool Mini or Not "Girl in Bunny Suit" (limited as far as i know) - done for the Painting contest over at the italian Forums of the Legio called "Verducchio Aureo 2011" - you can see all the great entries here!

My version is the "Bunny Queen", a Fallout desert rebel, who fights against the new established governments, fights against rules and playing Robin Hood and helping the poor with her gang "Mad Ears", all brave bunny warriors who will fight til the last breath for their freedom and carrots! Yeah, King Kong rules! Personal Gratitude Surprise little Diorama to the comissioner included, thanks to my RwW V :)

Bunny Queen
CMON, 43 mm

Next there is Spherewars "Devastador", an evil demon who has the evil sword of demons.
A pretty cool demon and a joy to paint. I did start painting the model at the last painting class in Soest for explanation and did finish him at home. Short aside info - you now can find the Class Review to Soest linked up in the Workshop area in the upper navigation bar. This demon model will be for sale soon - so make sure to check the Jungle offers regularly.

Spherewars, 40 mm

More finished stuff comes soon - as there is already much finished, but not yet ready :)
Stay tuned and please let me know what you think or if you got any questions i might could answer.

Best Wishes


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