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Good Morning Jungle,

and welcome March and hopefully strong spring soon.

today we want to present another one of Roman's finished paintjob of the end of 2016. We are a little behind with this, but he was just painting to fast to get everything up to date here in the Jungle. This one is:

Spawning Pool Studios, 75mm

 You can find more photos via Putty&Paint.

The inspiration for this paintjob was the sculpt itself. It directly reminded Roman on the atmosphere and the looks of an RPG called "Shadowrun".

The character itself inspired to a crazy brute-punk-assassin-or-bodyguard-or-bountyhunter-guy in a dark futuristic alley or strip bar. Of course with a little touch of crazy and weird like in this video. 

Roman painted this cool model as a comission work for Spawning Pool Studios and you can clearly see that Sheridan was a truely happy client. Thanks for the sweet collaberation work, Sir!

New Wave Complex - Vizar
Scale: 75mm | 1/24
Height: 85mm from bottom of base to top of hair

Comission Work for Spawning Pool Studios:

Direct link:

Keep on happy painting!


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