Savage Beauty

by Oli aka HonourGuard


about two weeks ago I showed pictures of Luna from Nocturna models,
now I wanted to share the second miniature that I have painted for the same collector. Both models were choices of me, I liked the models when I saw them first time. But it was still a big challenge, because it was the first time I painted female models in the 75mm scale. I always loved to paint 32mm Ladys, but the skin in bigger scales is never easy to paint for me.

So now to the actual project, the Savage Beauty from Black Sun Miniatures. 
I really like this new company right when I saw their first releases. They do an incredible job in my opinion. Great concepts, outstanding sculpts and very good casting. Especially their 75mm line. Just wanted to say this one time. The model itself was full of 1000 details, so many coins and crawls. I invested a lot of time to paint all the different elements in different color nuances and tried to paint every small detail smooth not only the main areas.

Let's start with three pictures of the creating process.

Prepared figure with the finished sculpted base:

Started painting, for about the first week:

Painting on the lady for about 3 weeks:

And now directly the final pictures of this project:

I hope you like my version :)

I am currently working on my biggest diorama so far, you can follow this project on my facebook page if you're interested. It contains two models of Black Sun Miniatures, the company I mentioned in the opening of this post and my first dragon ever :) HonourGuards' WIPs on facebook

Thanks for your replies!

Best regards 


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