Mu95 - Uther, Black Crow Miniatures

by Massive Voodoo

Time for another review on MV :)

This is review #95 - if you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, check the overview on the Miniatures/Material Unpacked, in short MU.

Today we will look closer on a bust called "Uther, Light of the Realm", by Black Crow Miniatures,
sculpted by no other than Raul Garcia Latorre.

Roman takes over with the review now.

More information about Black Crow Miniatures:

Unpacking Uther
Ok, lets see what we got there on the table. A can.
A lovely way to recieve your model, not very common but this makes it even more special.

The cans lid is marked with a sticker and shows a nice drawing of the character inside.

Opening it up it feels like ... black Christmas glitter. Let's get the stuff out of it and hopefully not miss anything.

Well, this is what I found. Can't be enough. Need to unload this all to my workbench.

Yep, there is more.

The bust itself consists of six parts. 
Main body, two arms, one sword hand with hilt, the sword and a characterful head.

The quality of the cast is remarkable. The sculpting quality also beautiful, even it is sculpted in 3D by Raul. It does not feel like it.

The fitting quality of the parts is insane. Not much work to be done on this aspect.

Fits well due the advantages of 3D sculpting.

Uther in alsmost all his might.

The quality of the detail is really sharp and sweet. 
If you look very close you can spot a mould line here and there (shoulder pads) and some rest of the casting sprues. The resin is quite nice to work with so it is easy to handle these if you know how to prepare a resin model.

His face the one of an old warrior who has seen many things. Maybe too many?

A great concept on this bust with a really cool character in full armour. As you can see on the left photo some small part from his elbow protection broke off. I realised this close before priming the model and found the part back in the can. Lucky me. It was easily attached with superglue, but a little bad if I would have not find it.

The sticker and character card inside the can are also a sweet add on.


+ Great character
+ Wonderful sculpting work by Raul Garcia Latorre
+ good casts
+ easy fitting out of the box
+ minimal clean up needed

- Wears a lot of armour. If you do not like to paint metallics (NMM or TMM) this bust is not for you.
-  Due the great fitting conversion work (for example a different direction of the head) is not so easy without sculpting work

 The bust has a reasonable price for its size and quality and is... well, wait. Mine was on pre-order for 49,50 € plus shipping. Their homepage is "under construction" right now (bad timing), so I can not tell you the exact final price. Nonetheless this is a reasonable price for busts of this size if you look around to other brands and manufacturers.

Roman already enjoys painting at this bust and it is a true joy to paint. Still not finished, but the volumes Raul creates ... ehm,  speak volumes :D

A little preview - more progress in the future:

More information about Black Crow Miniatures: 

Keep on happy painting!


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