Mu 96 - Neko Galaxy, Akito

by Massive Voodoo

Time for another review on MV. 

This is review #96 - if you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, check the overview on the Miniatures/Material Unpacked, in short MU.

Today we will look closer on a bust called "C-Girl Akito", by Neko Galaxy,

sculpted by Miroslav Dimitrov

The busts price is at 49,00 € + shipping. 
If you want to order your copy write to

Roman takes over with the review now.

Well, the square box arrives with a sweet artwork on it and really makes you want to look inside for more.

A sticker on the back of the box gives all information you need to reach out for the company. And the logo of Neko Galaxy is supercute.

Opening the box you find three resin parts of the bust, a cute neko galaxy sticker and - again - the digital artwork of the model. All was packed beside some white packing ... uhm, stuff that stuffed the miniature parts for secure travels. Not the best packing ever, but also not bad.

Looking closer at the bust parts she quickly reveals her beautiful character.

Sculpted in 3D by 3D Artist Miroslav Dimitrov the character is something many miniature painters where waiting for. Not another fantasy barbarian nor a historical subject, this bust arrives in a futuristic design to fit perfectly into a SciFi setting like Shadowrun.

Dressed in little armour, some farbrics and cool details. 

Equipped with some kind of power sword that makes her stand out as a fighter. Also her gloves show that she is used to give orders, not follow them. A powerful lady.

The quality of the 3D print is good and so are the resin casts. No blurry edges, everything is sharp and ready to be painted. Here and there you can find a mould line and a little preparation time is needed to make her ready for priming.

Although the bust looks like quality management took hold and with it some areas have been cleaned from the roughest remains of casting by the manufacterer. Still if you are a perfectionist, some work awaits you here.

The fitting quality of the arms to the main body is superb. Glue - pinning if you need it - and you are good.

Overall a great bust that stands out with her pose, subject and beautiful female features.
The best part for me personally is the face and the stubborn character she represents.

+ beautiful female SciFi Character bust
+ good level of details without being overloaded
+ different material to play with color and material preferences
+ beginner friendly due three pieces only
+ great fitting
+ reasonable price

Negative (not really):
- not the best way of packing
- some minor clean ups needed

Overall a really cool bust that might see some color here in the jungle!

The busts price is at 49,00 € + shipping. 
If you want to order your copy write to

Keep on happy painting!


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