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wtf is RTGIFI #002?
First, the follow up to RTGIFI #002.
Rest is easy maths: Roman's thank god its friday inspiration! Numero 2!
Stay tuned and enjoy. And I know its not Friday today, but still weekend, YO!

I will do these posts regularly, not every Friday, but regularly. They will sum up my irregular inspiration or music posts. It will also help me to clean my inspiration link list and maybe I even create a fine playlist to listen to while painting up little warriors or cowboys.
It is about music, inspiration and stuff that keeps my mind inspired.

Let's start with some music:
If there is a genius here he is, this totally put me in aww...

And another song I really do enjoy these days:
Not much more time was found to browse the wide world web the last weeks due a weekend painting class, a lot of organisational work, mails and preparing a really interesting private coaching topic to learn to be more creative that I teach tomorrow and Tuesday to three students from Austria.

Of course some more of my Frazetta Favourites:

Frank Frazetta - Apemen
Frank Frazetta - Norseman 
Frank Frazetta - Monster out of time
Frank Frazetta - Golden Sea

Have a great Sunday and keep on happy painting!


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