Ghosts of Mordheim

by Massive Voodoo


while Roman is in Hamburg right now, close to starting one of his famous MV's Jar's Beginner Classes with a full class of 26 students tonight we got some miniature eye candy for you.

Roman always was a big Mordheim boardgame fan.

Recently he encountered the relatively new - but superhard - pc version of the game. A real joy. It feels like Mordheim, characters lose arms and eyes regularly and everyone of the warband suffers due his visits into Mordheim and you can not save or protect yourself from such losses. Perfect.

Roman's Ogre ... what a beast:
Well, enough screenshots of computer games, back to the real thing. A lot of inspiration was found in that game. Roman is also preparing a bigger diorama, but more to this when the time is right. Here is one result of this inspiration:

Ghosts of Mordheim
Games Workshop conversion, 28 mm
base is scratchbuild

This miniature is sold and in private collection.
Thank you for your support in Roman's art, work and passion.

Here is a little photo of Roman's - already primed - conversion work of a WHF skeleton. He started this about three years ago, but so far did not find the right moment to finish this project.

Keep on happy painting and stay inspired!


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