Troll Hunt

by Massive Voodoo

"Hunting Trolls is dangerous.
Usually they hunt you.

When Thorva,the Slayeress, Gerald, the Witcher, Grumgir, the Blacksmith, Lord Astrubal and Sir Gallahard decided to hunt the Troll that feasts in the nearby forest they did not know what they were encounter. A brutal beast, not only a Troll, but infected with some dark powers and ferious like nothing they had seen before. Lord Astrubal was eaten as soon as he tried to prepare his first spell of binding that beast and now it seems everyone else has got to die. At least this is what the Troll thinks ...

Sudden Death incoming via Thorva, the Slayeress. Chop! Done. Forest, safe again.
Poor Lord Astrubal. Always remember Sorcerer should never stand in the first row of fighting. Never."

"Troll Hunt"
Zombicide, Hasslefree Mixed Media, 28 mm
Base is scratchbuild

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Keep on happy troll hunting!


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