Zing Yau

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle,

time to catch up with the past.
Roman - well yeah - Roman paints is enjoying painting this year and so many projects left his table already. Lucky for our readers on MV he is doing articles almost on all of his projects.

The following miniatures is from the Game "Journey" by Marrow Productions.

Zing Yau was a comission piece for the boxart. These are not the official box-art photos,
they will be done in Hong Kong or already done as the miniature arrived safely.

Zing Yau
Marrow Productions

You can find more photos of this monstrous beast via Putty&Paint.

Unfortanetely Roman was not able to write a full step by step about this guy, but he has some WIP photos for the readers of MV with some additional words. We hope you enjoy:

Basic Colors and sketching the idea

Increasing level of detail, material specifications

Increasing contrast all over, pushing and pushing

Keep on happy painting!


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