Nova Open Seminars: Tattoos and Warpaint

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle,

we would like to introduce some of our seminars we did held at this years NOVA OPEN 2016 some days ago. Why we do this? Well, we had a wonderful number of students in our seminars, but we still had one or two seats left open :)

We'd like to start with one by Roman called
"Tattoos and Warpaint".

The topic of this two hour class is rather obvious. It was held twice.
One hour was planned for Tattoos and the theory behind it. The other one for Warpaint. In fact we can frankly say we did spent some more time on the tattoo subject.

To all who participated: Thank you! We hope you enjoyed the seminar.

The class was a hands on class, that means everybody was able to give Roman's explanations a go on one of his models or on "Tattoo-Bob", a model painted with basic skintone that Roman brought just for the reason of test runs on him. It is a cast from a sculpt my MV brother Phil made some years back.

"Tattoo-Bob" will be in service for the next years to come :)

Many did not put ink to Bob, as they brought their own models.

Roman had to paint eyes and a mustache at least.

Roman's NOVA OPEN students were a cool bunch in both classes. Thanks for the fun we had and also the feedback on the class. You all have done well on this first attempt. You know the rest now is training. Kung Fu.

Another side story of this class is the one of Maurice and Roman.
Maurice was not able to attend this years NOVA, but was able to come by for a drink Friday night. He asked Roman if they would have one beer together. Sadly Roman was having exactly this seminar at Friday night. Maurice was like "Yeah, I definatly need to take this class, as I am working on a mini that needs some tattooing done!" but he also said "he can not make it - timewise". He even showed Roman his current project:

Allright, Roman asked him to bring over the mini and Roman will use it for some demonstrations during the class. So they did. Roman even approached Maurice if it would be possible for him to pick the model up on Sunday, when Roman took him through the second class. Yakuza mobster or Yakuza boss, was the question. This is what Roman inked on this furious melee fighter:

Maurice was quite satisfied and Roman thanks deeply for the gift. Wonderful taste, Sir!

We even had some great real life examples:

So far,
see you next year at the NOVA OPEN 2017.

Keep on happy painting!


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