Review Preview: NOVA OPEN 2016

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle, 

slowly Raffa and Roman are recovering from a wonderful, but also exhausting time they spent at the NOVA Open 2016. Slowly. Not too much sleep at all, jetlag and long travel routes.

We will soon - in the next two weeks - have a full review for you on this great event. Raffa will prepare and write it. Stay tuned for it!

In the meantime here are some photo impressions ...

The Hyatt Regency - the hotel were the NOVA OPEN is held.

Beautiful view out of Roman's hotel room...

Capital Palette's Medals and Secret Weapon's best Weathering trophy 
plus MV Most Creative Awards.

Mike Brandt - Nova Open CEO recieving some bavarian specials!

Laurie, Mike's Mum - Official Mother of Geeks. 
Now crowned and Massive Voodoo approved.

Roman with Boba Fett - special guest in one of his seminars

Mike still happy about his weird bavarian gifts ... he even got a Jodelmachine.

Going deep down to the NOVA Open area ...

Always greeted by Marti - one of the angels of NOVA Open.

One of the many gaming areas.

More to come!

In the meantime slowly start to know that Massive Voodoo is back after a little summer vacation and daily updates are dropping in again. A lot to catch up with the past. Even tutorial voting will be back next week's Tuesday.


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