Golden Horn

by Massive Voodoo


Now who is Golden Horn?
Ever heard about the Journey to the West, a chinese tale filled with thousand of stories and characters? There is even a board game with the same background, called "Journey" and the Golden Horn is one model from this range.

"The Golden Horned King (金角大王) and Silver Horned King (銀角大王) are two demon kings based in Lotus Cave (蓮花洞) on Flat Peak Mountain (平頂山). They capture Tang Sanzang and his companions by deception, and pin down Sun Wukong under three mountains. Sun Wukong escapes with the help of the mountain deities and uses trickery and disguise to rob the demons of their weapons and special items, which include the Purple Gold Red Gourd (紫金紅葫蘆), Suet Jade Flask (羊脂玉淨瓶), Golden Cloth Rope (幌金繩), Seven Stars Sword (七星劍) and Palm Leaf Fan (芭蕉扇). Sun Wukong then traps the demons in the gourd and frees Tang Sanzang and the others. Just as they are preparing to continue on their journey, Taishang Laojun appears and tells them that the two demon kings are actually the two boys in charge of watching over his furnaces. They escaped when he was not around and went out to cause trouble. He claims back all the things Sun Wukong took from the demons and brings the boys back to Heaven. Hu A'qi (狐阿七) is the uncle of the two demon kings. He is killed by Zhu Bajie and is revealed to be actually a fox. The Nine Tailed Vixen (九尾狐狸) is based in Dragon Suppressing Cave (壓龍洞) on Dragon Suppressing Mountain (壓龍山). She is the mother of the two demon kings and is disguised as an old woman. Her sons send their minions to fetch her to Flat Peak Mountain."

Golden Horn
Marrow Productions, 54 mm

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