Workshop Review: MV's Jar's Beginner's Class in Beckingen, Germany

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle,

Roman is in the thick of catching up with the past here on the blog and a milestone during the last couple of weeks was definatly his Beginner's Class in Beckingen, Germany. Finally he found time to sit down and write the review of it. Roman wants to say sorry for the delay to his students: Sorry!

The class took place in Beckingen, Germany.
We were located in a venue in the Connor Ranch, a great place to eat, relax and drink.
Thanks to the very kind team of the Connor Ranch we were able to enjoy a great weekend with a lot of painting action and wonderful food. If you live in the Saarland (area of Germany) go there, you will not regret it and even if you got to journey a little bit, be sure it is worth it.

Big thanks to Andreas from Dragonlord Games, the local tabletop store we were able to be there again. Thank you for your help in organisation and everything around it. This has been the third class organised with the support of Dragonlord Games. First one was in 2011 and the second one in 2013.
Time goes by, eh?

Thanks to Erik for the roadtrip and his parents for their hospitality, even my head broke the wall.

Big thanks to my students, who want to learn from me and who were travelling to the Connor Ranch. Some Beginners who took the class for the first time and also repeaters who wanted to go deeper in their specific topic. Thank you all for your trust in my teachings.

Thanks to Luis, who came without speaking the language at all. I told him I will translate everything into english and well, I started, but then great Chris took over and helped me and Luis. Thank you very much, Chris!

Well, were to start?
First another thanks to my students who supported me with photo footage for this review. I did not take many myself as I was busy with ... well, teaching :D

Friday night started - from my perspective as usual a little late - guiding my students on the path into my brain. What do I think while painting, what do I take care of, how I combine light/shadow rules with color contrasts. A lot of things, a lot of input. And basing. For some it was their first bigger base they ever did. Like I said, never fear!

Thanks to the supporters of this class who made the class wonderful due their help in sponsoring some of their products, beside Roman's crazy material collection:

Still always a little nervous in the start :)

On this photo my head was still intact. V.

The gathering.

Talking about tiny basing here. If you cut a waterfilter ball in two... well, yeah!

arrived - as usual, faster than expected - after a night filled with heavy information. We started to prepare ourselves, our bases and our models for priming at noon. Busy working on Saturday morning.

The Beginners were busy with their demonettes, while my repeaters had their special tasks they decided to learn more about: First time painting a bust, Focus on true metallic metals, Painting black and fabrics on large surfaces, intensifying their first class visit by refreshing the content and pushing further, painting skin and much more. I was quite the busy teacher here :)

Priming explanations. Whys. Don'ts. Suggestions.
 Pfft! Pfft!

All primed, but first ...

 ... lunch with the biggest burgers you can imagine, thanks to the Connor Ranch I had very happy but also tired students :D

 Metal approach ...

No comment:

 No comment again ...

The color questions ...

The reason why I damaged the house of Erik's dad:

Well, we all ended Saturday night with good progress, great food again, but also exhausted.
Sunday - once again - arrived earlier then expected and everyone at the brushes again.

Starting to push contrasts, working on details and learning tipps and tricks here and there until Sunday afternoon arrived and the end was near.

 Two beautfiul projects from MV's  Jar's Basing Class.

Painting the eyes ... oO!

I leave this class as a proud teacher as my students really did a very cool job in their individual projects and I really enjoyed to see the rise of the brilliance in their eyes on what they achieved. Happy Painting all around and I am sure thateveryone will keep on with it. There is no reason to not like or even fear miniature painting or feel bad about it. Only if you push yourself into the wrong directions.

Such cool Genestealers! The Lion up there was truely a crazy project, as this was my repeater of the class who wanted to go fro black fabric, large surfaces. Well, I helped him, but he showed tremendous powers while painting it! The color is strong in you!

He even wrote a big report in german language about his progress - thank you!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Many thanks also to Daniel, 
who wrote down a small review to the class from his perspective:

"At the beginning i have to say, that this is the second time i visited Romans Beginner Class. My first time was in Trier 2014. I took the first Beginners Class after Michael aká Dellolyn from 5th Dimension mentioned Massive Vodoo to me Pascal, the owner of the Spielbar in Trier organised a class in his shop. The first workshop left me totally exhausted so i decided to prep myself better this time. Take some days off from work before and get enough sleep and even then the second time of this class was taxing.

But it isnt fun if you dont crawl back on yout teeth, right?

As all others i joined the class to improve my painting skills and take a sip of Romans painting wisdom and i was not disappointed.

After more than 50 Beginner classes you see that Roman is experienced in doing the teaching stuff with alot of different students with all different levels of painting skills. There is not much you can criticize. He has everything what is needed and answeres to nearly all questions. And a bag full of miniatures painted by himself where can watch them up close for inspiration and more questions.

And its not only the paintign skills he tries to teach, there is alot of small personal help which may be something you never thought about.

After painting nearly 100% Space Marines and other 28 mm Miniatures i wanted to do something bigger, i own some busts and 54 / 75 mm miniatures from different manufacturers and always shyed away from painting them so i decided to do something bigger.

It ended with the Faun girl from Origen Art you see in this review (First non 28 mm scale miniature for me).

At the end i would recommend to take this class a second time, cause Roman will help you to find some of your shortcomings end encourage you to improve."

Thank you all for a beautiful weekend and keep on happy painting!


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