Azog - the White Orc

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle,

while Roman is getting ready to start a two-day private coaching session with Evgeny today, there is still a moment to catch up with the past. Still, some miniature projects of Roman remain that he did not show on the jungle blog thus far.

Azog the white Orc is finished.
A great but brutal sculpt by Cyril Roquelaine and a brutal but direct paintjob by Roman. The bust was started during a small seminar back on last years Monte San Savino Show and is now complete. The bust is really big, if you want to check how big, please check the link to the Monte San Savino video footage.

Azog - the White Orc
Sculpt by Cyril Roquelaine

The photo above is rather big. Click it to see it ultrasized big. More photos can be found here via Putty & Paint.

The bust was a lot of joy to paint.
You can also find it on sale. 

Keep on happy painting!


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