MV's Jar's & Picster's BÄM² Class - Information

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Voodoo People,

quick information to the upcoming BÄM² class in Augsburg:

1) Five out of sixteen seats are still available.
Grab your chance and train your painting skills with two of the best teachers in the industry.

2) We included the payment information now 
and as soon as you are paid, your name turns green in the list and your participation is fixed. Do not forget to check the final date for your class fee.

3) We also decided for the bust to be painted. 
It will be a fresh and upcoming release by Fer Miniatures, under the label Forged Monkey, sculpted by Raffaele Picca. A Pirate bust, which is excellent fun and perfect to explain the topics Roman and Raffa cover in the weekend class. There will be an extra detail for the bust, exclusive for this class.

Soon coming via FER Miniatures!

See you at your personal BÄM²! To join the class in Augsburg, visit this link to get all necessary information.

Also check for information about Roman's Jar's Beginners Class in Madrid, 
Spain in November 2017.

Keep on happy painting!


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