Review: Private Coaching with Evgeny

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning wonderful people,

today the jungle once again wants to tell you about a two day MV Private Coaching that happened not so long ago. This time Evgeny was travelling from Prague to Augsburg to get two day coaching with Roman.

Roman & Evgeny

Evgeny was in a little hurry on day two as he had to travel far from Augsburg and Roman did not mention if he would be up for writing his expression of the class. So we will just tell you how it was.

First of all you got to mention Evgeny is a painter, who is not painting for long, but he is a very enthusiastic one and wants to learn as fast as he can. And he does.
He is already painting really cool miniatures, but now wanted to take the next step forward. He started to get into the hobby with ships, tanks and now also added miniature painting to his hobby. He started miniature painting this February. 2017. He and Roman wrote some mails forth and back and decided to go for the following topics:

- Color Theory
- Light and Shadow Theory
- Contrast Theory
- Improving Painting technique
- Planning a project, following the plan while working
- Skin, hair, fur, metal, details

You see, quite the list to work through.

The studio dancing queen.
Welcome on your seat next to Roman, Evgeny! 
Some people asked Roman about the colors on the photo and if we
did paint all of it with just these. Answer is no. Evgeny asked Roman
if he could order him some colors he needs and Roman did.

Evgeny is usually not painting small miniatures, like 28 mm ones. He loves to paint bigger pieces and busts. He decided to work on a huge dwarf bust by Galapagos Miniatures, called "Volkan Lostblood" during the coaching. We both knew that we would never finish it in two days.

After several talks about theory both did start painting early evening on the first day of coaching. Pushed on in the topics, but soon both realized that this dwarf is quite the beast when it comes to his beard and the overall size. Day one was packed with theory and closing in on the whole piece to have a better plan of the complete idea behind the final paintjob.

Roman again wants to apologise that the studio was so bitter cold on this day and that the heater showed up on the next day. Well, managed to get a big deal done on the first day and Roman was really proud of Evgeny who painted really concentrated and focused.

On day two Roman and Evgeny decided to work on small areas and push them further. More contrast here and there and final touches. Mainly only working around the face.

 Oh beard!

We managed to work a good deal on these parts and in late afternoon Evgeny travelled home again with still a lot of homework to do on this bust, but also with new ideas, inspiration and painting knowledge to put to use at home.

In the following photo you can also see a metal piece that Roman painted for demonstration purpose.
You can also see Evgeny's work he brought and proudly showed to Roman what he had done painting before the class. Really cool stuff! Now Roman is really looking forward to see how the big dwarf will turn out in the end!

Thank you for the nice - and cold (sorry) - days in the MV studio, Evgeny!
Keep on happy painting!


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