A fart of a Unicorn

by Massive Voodoo

Good Sunday Morning Jungle People,

well, a fart of a unicorn, that is what sometimes happens in Roman's brain. An inspiration that strikes from nowwhere and is rather unusual for him to paint it in this way. Frankly, not very often, but when it happens I just let it come with arms wide open and enjoy the outcome. A fart of a Unicorn.

It happened to me some weeks back while Mike from the US visited the jungle in Augsburg, during the time of the Duke of Bavaria. He wrote a wonderful review over on his blog, check it out here!

While at the Duke Event Roman found some small white metal elves. Sadly they were just packed in a plastic zipper and Roman has no idea where they come from. Really tiny ones, about one centimeter in height and really he did like them. Roman gave one a joyous paintjob and forced Mike to take it as a gift from him.  See for yourself please ...

The model is really tiny, like being mentioned, here you can see the tiny elf in blue, close to some other models and a color pot for size comparision:

It was truely a lot of fun letting this fart of a unicorn go wild, with colors, glittery stuff and more bling, bling. I hope you like this elf too:

A fart of a Unicorn 

Mike was rather surprised, but well everyone would be if a unicorn farts at you and you have to take the result home :D
Cheers, Mike!


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