Bavarian Jaeger 1870

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle,

this is a tired Monday Morning for Roman after a great premiere of his Jar's Advanced Class. Wow!
More about this weekend soon enough. Roman will be unpacking his class stuff today. Relax, do some office work tomorrow and dive in a private coaching on Wednesday and Thursday. Busy.

Meanwhile, remember: 
Today is the final submition day for your Mad Max Car entries for the MV Mad Max Car Contest 2.
Good News: Soon we are able to show you the final trophy of the Contest Medal that Raffa is finishing at the moment!

Bavarian Jaeger 1870
Like you might have seen Roman is still catching up with the past of his painting joy and while new projects are being painted there are still some miniatures left to present in the jungle.

Roman painted up this small bust by Heroes & Villians, a bavarian trooper, regiment Jaeger from 1870. It was a lot of fun getting to know the history behind this historical subject as Roman never was into this topic so far and he even is native bavarian himself. The model was painted to be a gift to Roman's friend Max for a happy reason, also the bust won Best of Bavarian at the Duke of Bavaria some weeks ago. The pipe freehand was special fun.

Bavarian Jaeger 1870
Heroes & Villians

Keep on happy painting!


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