Tutorial Voting: Springtide Dino

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle painters,

Tuesday again and time for tutorial voting via MV's year of the painter 2.
Sorry for missing out last week, Roman was busy with getting up the Mad Max stuff.
This week's voting result will be revealed on Friday.
Also check out actual Mad Max Car Contest News here!
If you want to keep track with an overview on what has happened so far 
please check this link!

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Article - Visualising Spring
Soon we are closing in to complete all seasons in the visualising series. It started with the big article about learning to visualise and after autumn, winter now comes spring. If you want to read how to visualise spring vote for it!

Step by Step: Dino
In this article you can follow Roman through one of his recently finished projects. A great, but rather small, well yeah ... dwarf that comes with the name of "Dino" in Roman's painted version. In this article see through the process of the model and learn Roman's thoughts behind his work.

Happy Voting!


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