Tauriel, Elven Huntress

by Bene aka Benji

Hello dear readers!

Bene here again :)
Today I want to show you a miniature I painted for a little private side project.

Because the Tolkien universe was my start into tabletop gaming, and later into painting and all the more or less artsy stuff I do nowadays I sometimes have the urge to return and paint a miniature from the LotR or Hobbit range. For this little project I decided that it should be Tauriel, Legolas and maybe Thranduil.

And here is Tauriel, which made the start for the project.
Legolas will also follow soon.

Well, I hope you like her. As usual, I have also uploaded her to putty and paint, so if you want to, you are welcome to check her out over there and also leave a vote. Just click here.

It would make me happy :).

I guess that´s it for now, enjoy your day!



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