A Fallout Face

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle,

well, MV will turn a little quiet after this post. Why you might ask?
During the upcoming weekend Raffa and Roman, both are moving and everyone who ever moved flats or a house might know how crazy it can be. MV tries to be back as soon as possible, but you never know until you how much stuff there is to do.

Meanwhile another finished miniature, well, not a full miniature, just a face.

Roman had a private coaching recently with Michael from Austria and their topic was a) doing the switch from nice tapletop gaming miniature painting to display painting and b) the great magic that is painting skintones and a face.

This was one of Roman's explanational pieces during the private coaching. Just a face, but one Roman already painted in the private coaching with Jens a while back. This time he truely was inspired by a game he recently enjoys:

A Fallout Face
from a guy who just crawls through the Fallout


Size of this head is ppffff no idea.
Let's say Roman's upper part of his thumb? No idea and it doesn't matter.

Keep on happay painting and stay tuned in!
Now off to the moves!


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