Step by Step: Insta-Bases Conversion

by Massive Voodoo

Monday Morning massive Jungle,

today we got something special for our readers.
To inspire, to build, to convert, to have fun. It's about MV's and Secret Weapon's recent release:
MV Insta-Bases.

First we want to show you some of these cool Bases in action with painted miniatures on top.
We start with a cool miniature from our friends from Marrow Productions, on top of
Temple Ruins Insta-Base 01:

Second we got an Infinity Miniature on a "converted version" of Industrial Ruins Insta-Base 02:

Both projects painted by Roman.
He also takes this article in his hands to explain to you how you can easily make your Insta-Bases unique with simple techniques:


During the recent Material Unpacked (Mu75) we showed you how you can use the MV Insta Bases, which in fact is rather simple with great effect. As we said this is a step by step we will show these steps from the beginning:

What you need:

- MV Insta-Base of your choice (Temple Ruins Insta-Base 01)
- Superglue
- Accelerator
- Plinth

Take the Insta Base, throw some superglue on it's bottom side (rather too much!). Do not place it on top of the wooden plinth as it will suck in your superglue in a second.

Press the superglue-drowned Insta-Base on top of your plinth. It is good if the superglue gets pushed out on the edges.

Now use your accelerator to make the superglue hard in a second.

Next is using sandpaper to make the edges smooth again.

Sanding, sanding, sanding.

Result should be a sharp edge to get the best look for your Insta-Base.

Now to the conversion part. In fact Roman wants to make this Insta-Base unique and a little different. He decided to make the column a little taller. We need column parts, you can get the white plaster ones which were used here at PK-Pro.

Glueing the full column would look stupid, so the added column should also recieve a cut to look good on the already half cut one on the base. If you use your blade for such work you will just make the white plaster crack uncontrolled.

Rather use a small saw and you will recieve a sharp cut.

Now use superglue again to build up your column. Some minor stone parts were attached to the Insta Bases groundwork. Always remember, if something falls off and its heavy it stays on the ground. Looking at the edges, Roman should give it a little bit more sanding time, eh?

Place a miniature for a test:

Prime it and paint it!

We got another example. 
Now we use Industrial Ruins Insta-Base 02 to do a little conversion work. Instabase is glued to the plinth in step one.

In step two Roman takes some more wasteland stuff and some soil to place it. He found those cool plastic bags by Pardulon in resin and decided to add some too.

Glue, glue, glue and soil ...

Now to the edges of the base. Superglue and accelerator once more.

Base is ready for priming and painting.

Well, that's it for today. 
Of course there are endless options how you can simply change the appearence of your Insta-Base. Next thing in line for the Instabases is a painting video demonstration.
We hope you enjoyed this journey and we are looking forward to see your unique Insta-Bases.
You can get yours at Secret Weapon Miniatures!

Keep on happy painting!
Your MV-Team


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