2016 - Massive Voodoo's year of the painter 2

by Massive Voodoo

You've heard the news:
MV's year of the painter 2 is on.
The monkeys throw some weekly inspiration at you again
like they did in 2014's year of the painter 1.

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Following you find an overview over the action of 2016's year of the painter 2 entries on the jungle blog - we hope you enjoy:

January 2016
Tutorial: Working with string - Conversion &Basing
Tutorial: A Miniature Painter's Water jar
Article: Visualising Winter
Community Project: Zombies - Stage #1

February 2016
Step by Step: Boudica, Battle of Watling Street
Tutorial: How to dust proof your Detolf cabinet
Step by Step: Brognir Stonebridge
Tutorial: Using cars for 28mm and 32mm miniature projects

March 2016
Step by Step: Imperial Fist Space Marine
Step by Step: Abalam, Prince of Hell
Tutorial: Best Workspace Garbage ever!

April 2016
Article: Hobby accidents and how you can avoid them!
10 Rules of good preps for going to a miniature event
Step by Step: Crashed X-Wing
Step by Step: Davidé vs. Goliath

May 2016
Tutorial: Sculpting Ballons
Article: Visualising Spring
Base Step by Step: Welcome to Sanctuary

June 2016
Step by Step: Dino, the lone wolf
Step by Step: Thornley & Ratch
Step by Step: Cold Vikings

July 2016
Step by Step: Katari - Shaman of the Izla Tribe
Tutorial: Painting the color "white"
Step by Step: Azog, the white Orc

August 2016
Step by Step: Spartan Warrior

September 2016
Step by Step: Golden Horn
Tutorial: Rusted Paint

October 2016
Step by Step: Ragnork. Norse Orc Hero
Step by Step: Slaughterpriest of Khorne
Step by Step: Fire 

November 2016
Step by Step: Sharki

December 2016
Step by Step: Kurgan Chieftain 
Step by Step: Find your way
Tutorial: How to pack your miniatures 2.0
Step by Step: Blood Bowl Base

Keep on happy painting!


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