Haydn, the Wasteland Raider

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

recently I showed you two versions of Haydn, the female dwarf by Hasslefree.
I am using this model for my first one of MV's Jar's Advanced Class in Graz in February.
I will not paint her again ,yself during the class, but my students will do. I am just there to help everyone.

The class covers several interesting topics I like to talk about, for example a better understanding of painting skintones, learning the magic of painting white and black, learning to paint tattoos, painting a face, advanced light theory and color theory. Even some basing composition will be learned and this only on a gaming base. All in 28 mm. Much to learn you see. These two ladies are the two versions the students can work on. One Wasteland Raider or a Troll Slayer version.

In fact both models are not the same. The Troll Slayer is Version A (non-naked breasts) and the Wasteland Raider is version B (naked breasts). The Wasteland Raider recieved two minor conversions: A different weapon head and an attached skull face plate to her left shoulder.

I really enjoyed changing the topic of this miniature with these minor conversions, but what I enjoyed the most was painting her ripped jeans parts. This was not sculpted but painted and thick color was used to make it even three dimensional. Hah!

Haydn, the Wasteland Raider
Hasslefree, 28 mnm

Let me know what you think of her or if you got any questions via comments

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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