Mad Max Car Contest - Random Prize Pool

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Warriors of the road,
princesses of the desert and weird folk of the wasteland.
Listen up!

We got a little something for all of you who are working hard on their entries for
Massive Voodoo's Mad Max Car Contest 2.

We decided to open up a small Random Prize Pool, where everyone who enters the contest gets a chance to win one prize, randomly. Everyone can only win one random prize, not more. We will throw some more stuff into the pool, but we are not going crazy like we did with Bananalicious 2.
The first two additions to the pool are:

Random Prize Pool #01
A Voodoo Doll for you to use however you see fit. The describtion is in german and it says the doll is to be aimed at your family members, for example a mother in law or evil uncles and such. However you use it, please know it is just a joke, not real. If you got a problem with your family members by all means talk it out.

Random Prize Pool #02
We keep traditions alive and hand out a REEF 2016 calender for one of you lucky winners.

Random Prize Pool #03
Recently Roman showed in an article how to use cars in 28 mm projects. Now one of you who takes part in the contest can win exactly the same car Roman is using in one of his projects right now. You can win the original packed car, not the project of course.

Random Prize Pool #04
Win a true MV Jungle Surprise Box filled with crazy stuff you might need or won't need. It is indeed special and full of surprises!

More to come!
Now back to your car! 
The engine does not forgive!
Praise it!


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