Step by Step: TMNT - Leonardo

by Roman aka jar


Recently I got my hands on some cool bust, sculpted by Cyril Roqulaine.
There were four Turtles in my order, but I gave one away to Raffa and one to Bene. So two left for me and my brush. I started to paint Leonardo, who always was my favourite one of those four.

Three of four Turtles

Well, I had my fun in painting this guy up and did set my mind really free by doing so. My aim at the moment while I paint is to find back into my way of painting after a lot of new input of the classes of Kirill and Alfonso that I took part in.

This is how my wet palette looked in the start of the bust ...

This is how it looked when I was done ...

I started with priming the turtle black and white and decided my two main colours for Leo, blue and green. Simple as that.

... but well, with these two colors I would not reach far so I decided to add some more funny colors to my basic colour choices. These are the ones you see placed on top of the wet palette in the picture above.

First I used the airbrush for placing my basic tone of green to the bust. The blues and browns were painted with a big brush.

Next I used the airbrush again and threw in some dark sepia brow. I call this shadow bomb.

Next I went back to a strong saturated warm green and placed it back on the areas were I want to work further into the highlights. I call this redefinition after the shadow bomb. Did so to the blues and the browns and used a color like bone for his lower chest area. Also used this one for some rough  edge highlightson the turtle shell.

Next step was a lot of work as it took me into deeper definition of skin volumes, shell volumes, bandana volumes. This was all done with a brush, good painting music and time.

In the end I decided to keep Leo here really saturated. When he was done he looked like this:

TMNT - Leonardo
Sculpt by Cyril Roqulaine

If you want to see more photos of Leonardo please check the link to Putty & Paint.
So far from me with a really short step by step. I hope you enjoyed it anyways.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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