A day well spent: Painting Time with kids

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle Painters,

last weekend I invited my god-children to our studio for a painting session. By now they are six years old - both, as they are twins - and we did spent a great Saturday afternoon. Well, they did. I did too, but I was exhausted afterwards, really :D

I had the idea to invite them as Josi (the girl) showed me a small angel in white plaster when I was visiting them recently. She asked me if I have the right colour to paint the skin for the angel and well, yeah I got it I told her :)

I made their parents happy as they had a free of kids day and we had a lot of fun doing miniature projects and painting on canvas all together. A day well spent!

Magic happening ...

Power of Paint

I was not able to progress much on a little conversion of a car I started recently.
They kept me too busy.

Their results. So cool and cute!

My start of my canvas


Keep on happy painting!


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