Mu 72 - 2dreamers - Space Adventurers, 1/9

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle Painters, 

this morning brings you another Miniatures Unpacked.

This time we will have a closer look on two busts from 2dreamers, a young company from Czech Republic. We know the guys from the Duke of Bavaria Show since several years and they are a really kind and cool bunch! They are also sponsors of the Bananalicious Painting Contest 2.

Ok, let's have a look at the boxes the miniatures arrive in. Sturdy boxes with a cool presentation of the model. Both busts are sculpted by Palo 'offo' Ovečka from Slovakia.

Let's open up the Space Adventurer 1 and find out what is inside. Wow!  A big load of stuff, stickers, three resin pieces of the bust itself and some detail parts. All was packed secure and sound.

The head. As you can see on his neck a little cleaning of the resin is needed before you start painting, nothing unusal.

The bust come in scale 1/9 and are truely big.

 The quality of the cast is very good, everything fits supergood even without cleaning work.
The details you can find on the bust are also enjoyable.

2dreamers even serve you some brass etched parts to put them on your plinth.

Ok, let's head over to Space Adventurer 2.
Same content in the parcel, three big resin pieces of the bust and much more stuff. What we think is very cool, is the little booklet you find with both busts. They tell the story of these guys, so you have the right background and inspiration for painting them up.



Again the bust is truely huge in your hand. 1/9.
 Happy Space Adventurer.

During the Duke of Bavaria Show 2015 2 dreamers was present and already had the busts with them. The promo-paintjobs were not finished yet, but already looked pretty cool!

Recently we recieved an email by 2dreamers that the promotional paintjobs are finished.

Space Adventurer 2

Space Adventurer 1


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