Massive Kong Fu - Kong is back!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

Roman is writing some personal words now,
a long time overdue Kong Fu hits the jungle:

The biggest online community painting contest the "Bananalicious 2" was finished by the last post where we presented the winners of this amazing event. It is just up to us to sent all the random prizes and the medals on the way. We can not do this today, but we will start early next week as busy days are behind and ahead of us: Raffa is getting married today and the jungle of Massive Voodoo ... ahh, we do not find proper words to put here, but we all should celebrate, jump the trees and make some big monkey noisy party up there! Ough! Ough! Aough!

Ultimate Paint Rack Campaign News
We are also close to finish the "Ultimate Paint Rack Campaign" over on Indigogo. Some small numbers of parcels are still to be sent and some of you are waiting for their brushboxes. I, Roman was never much included in all the organisational part of the campaign. I was putting my energies and powers into the blog of MV and the Bananalicious 2. I tried to answer questions and help were I could, but unfortenately sometimes I was no great help as I did not had the inside to help you. This is mainly Raffa's part and right now, right here I know that some of you are waiting for a message back or the next - hopefully last - update on the Campaign itself.

We had to fight many issues with this campaign (post strikes, delivery problems, etc.) and again learned a big deal about organsiational stuff. I ask for your understanding that Raffa went a little weird in the head with his wedding approaching closer and closer and I promise that my big Gorilla foot will kick his booty big time after the wedding, so that everyone of you get informed and we all see the light at the end of the tunnel soon. We both want to thank you for your patience and feel sorry that communication went not so perfect sometimes in the campaign. We both already said that I, Roman will have a bigger part in our future campaigns and will do the communications with proper inside into everything.

Roman & Massive Voodoo Blog
A lot of things are happening these days and compared to 2014 the Massive Voodoo Jungle Party on the blog was a little silent so far. Well, I did not had a great start myself into 2015. You can read about it here if you are interested. BUT, BAZINGA! Powers are back, floating through my venes, celebrating joy of life and it feels good again. Just did a little slower and calmer to restore what seemed to be lost and - oh wonder - it comes back by itself. So, if you ever wonder what's up with yourself, calm and rest and find it. Cure yourself, be yourself, enjoy yourself and regain massive powers. I learned in the past that I can not be unstoppable all the time, sometimes I just have to stop myself and that was a good and hard earned lesson.

As soon as all the bananalicious work is behind me I am planning to bring back the Massive Voodoo Blog back to its grace, with daily updates, stories, experiences, of course miniature paint work and much more. It now feels right to do so. Somehow I also recognized how the miniature painting world changed in the last years. Everything seems to happen on facebook now and well, I will not jump that train. Maybe a little bit, but this jewel we build up here with all you Jungle Painters deserves better than to die because of facebook. Ever thought you are addicted to facebook or your mobile phone with internet access and such? Well, yes I did and I learned to control myself with it. Life is not happening on facebook. It is great to get connected, but it is way too fast to understand and remember things. Give it a thought!

I have some personal anniversaries ahead of me. In October I will hold my 50th Jar's Beginners Class and my next upload on CMON will be my 500th. That is cool and I am looking forward to it. I found fun in painting again and do so behind the jungle curtains, prepare articles for you, Jungle Painters outthere.

Massive Voodoo Blog & Teaching 
Well, I am so happy of every comment I recieve these days and recieved in the past of other painters telling me how much Massive Voodoo influanced their own painting style. How much they learned from us in the past and I will get back to "teach" or let's say "sharing my experience". I do not want to force my painting style on others, for me it is important to give the right hints, tips and tricks to others to maybe guide them on their way to find their own personality in miniature painting and working with colours. Inspiration is what I am aiming for in my teaching and "lessons", but to find out what I mean you have to take a close look on MV,  into yourself and on your own brushwork in the next months ;)

Massive Voodoo Team
Well, I for my part wish that the MV gang gets more active again. I do not know why Peter, Phil, Bene or others do not show their work and talk about their experiences and I do not force them to do so. Maybe we see more of the others in the future, no one knows, but changes are on the horizon. For example, Mati is self-employed again and maybe he will show some balls to show his work again on MV. Sad news ahead too: Sanne is moving out of the studio in late August. She found a new place to stay which is a) cheaper and b) she will be sorrounded by more artists that paint on canvas. She was searching for more inspiration in that direction and found the perfect place to be in the future. We wish all the best to her and I am sure we will stay close friends as Sanne is just too cool to be true!

Massive Voodoo & Collaberations
Well, a lot of things happened in the past behind the jungle curtains and still some more are ahead of us. We will collaberate more intense with other hobby people, companies and even with some that are not even connected with the hobby of miniature painting. Totally cool and unbelievable, but more to this when the time is right, eh? I will not tell you until everything is settled 100%, I learned that in the past. I can only tell you it is absolutely time for BAZINGA!

Closing Words
Well, hard to find proper ones. I can only say that we will celebrate Raffa's and Anci's wedding today and we will party hard. Of course I am Raffa's best man and that is why my last weeks/months/year has been busy with that issue too. I am so much looking forward to today and when we wake up again we will run through jungle and smash some trees again.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

PS: If you like drop some congratz to the bridal couple via comment!
BTW: My cats are also fine!

PS:Madness Music if you like!


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