BANANALICIOUS 2 - Newsflash!

by Massive Voodoo

Oh no!
Another Newsflash!

Well, yes, but with good news. Today Raffa and Roman finished the judging work of this epic contest. It was truely hard work to do. Sadly we are not able to post all the winners up today or tomorrow. The winners will be presented to the Massive Voodoo blog and the audience this Wednesday.

Well, life keeps us so busy right now. We had a Birthday Party on Friday, a Bachelor Party day on Saturday and this week there is also a wedding party. As you can see and imagine this all needs organisation.

We also do not want to do anything in a rush when it comes to the Bananalicious 2 Contest, that is why we took our time to do our best in the judging work.

Wednesday it is!
Stay tuned!


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