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Hey guys,

a month has passed since "Duke of Bavaria" and interest in Diablo 3 is finally shrinking. It´s time to let the brushes dance again :) well of course I was not totally lost in the realm of pixels and mouse-clicking-orgys and so started some nice projects I want to share with you. But before showing them to you I remember I promised you some final pictures of the diorama.

Today I got my new lamp and took some (well not perfect) pictures:

I hope you like the finished version :) I was very happy to get Bronce in Fantasy Master Painting and so there is a new aim ahead for next year´s contest :)

And here are the pictures of the new projects. I know it´s not always the best way to start three different things at a time, but two of them are to big to finish them in a direct way. So if I´m not in a mood to paint one I can choses out of two others ;) so please keep in mind, all pictures are (strongly) wip!

1) Ghoul Bust (JMD?), I started right the day we came back from Ingolstadt:

2) Norman Knight Bust by Young Miniatures:

3) Decurio Equitus by Pegaso (75mm) (the hell of a thing and a 1-year-project)

Just these few words for the moment as I have to prepare for tomorrow´s work... hope there is soon more to tell :)



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